What is THONG?

THONG supports and fights for:

Community gardens


Wild ecosystems

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

Indigenous peoples land and human rights

Fair trade organic coffee and chocolate and other mildly/at times strongly addictive aphrodisiacs

Degradable vegetable packaging

Hemp production and multiple uses

Beauty, (which is) lushness, diversity, the unexpected, the inspired

Humanenvironmentnature who refuses to be named, classed, categorized, jailed, silenced, repressed, stifled, drained, polluted, owned, and disappeared

Things that piss us off:

Genetic Engineering

The patenting of all life forms

Anything that drives a farmer to commit suicide

Bovine Growth Hormones, and other methods of human and animal substance abuse perpetrated BY corporations ON humans and animals and the environment

Gross tasteless food

Gross tasteless packaging containing gross tasteless food

Mass commodified stultifying diseases of the body and mind caused by gross tasteless corporate swill fast food crap

For more information please visit Genewise

THONG welcomes all races, classes, genders, and political interests.

Our first Fun Run:
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T.H.O.N.G. house party and other images: